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Residential Locksmith

locksmithIf you’re locked out of your home, need help with a broken lock, or just want to see our smiling faces, we’re your guys. You’ve probably seen us in your area easing your frustrated neighbors tempers as we help them get back in their homes. We do this all day, and several times over night as well.

Unlock Ops is a full service residential locksmith in the Commerce City area. If you have an emergency, or just a simple question, please give us a call so we can help. For a flat fee, we’ll help you gain entry into your locked home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if you’ve lost, or broken your keys, we have a solution for you.

We don’t just unlock doors, we’re lock experts. We can rebuild, replace or fix locks and make new keys for you. The best part is that our prices are fair, our team is knowledgeable and our quality is superb.

Please give us a call 303-900-5978 whenever you need us.

Our locksmith services available to the residents in Commerce City, including the Reunion, Brighton and Henderson areas:

Emergency Lockout Service

We are staffed 24/7, and even work holidays. So when you need us, you can call us and we’ll send a specialist your way. Our specialty doesn’t stop with exterior doors! Unlock Ops can help you with any door in your home, including locked bedrooms, bathrooms and other doors.

Lock Rekey

If you’ve lost lost your last key, or need to rekey your home for security purposes, we can help you. Often times this service includes one or two doors, but know that we can handle a full residential rekey, meaning we rekey every door in your home.

Dead Bolt Installation

Deadbolts are incredibly strong and rigid against tampering. They work so well because they can’t be manipulated to the open position unless manually rotated at the lock cylinder. Deadbolt locks make doors more secure to entry without the key, compared to the common entry lock. If you’re looking to beef up your security, Unlock Ops can help you out by installing a deadbolt to any door, pre-drilled or not, it doesn’t matter to us.

Mailbox Keys & Lock Repair/Replace

While less devastating and frustrating than being locked out of your home, initially, losing a mailbox key can surely create a series of inconveniences and headaches. We help fix, repair, and replace mailbox keys.

Door Lock Upgrades and Repair

If you have a door lock that isn’t functioning as it once did, we can help fix it. Over time, lock mechanisms can fail and when that happens, your security can be at risk. Give us a call up and we can help repair your door locks, or replace them if needed.

Sliding Door Handle/Latch

Patio doors are the odd balls. They just never seem to function like traditional doors. But they’re apart of our lives and we have to keep them working in good fashion. That’s where we step in to make sure they are secure and fully operational to reduce not only the frustration these doors naturally bring, but also, and more importantly, to enhance security.

Garage Doors

From gaining entry to garage door lockouts manually, to reprogramming and adding additional garage door remotes to your current system, Unlock Ops can help.

Gun Safe Entry Lock Repair and Entry

Safes are built to hold tough through physical manipulation and non solicited entry. But sometimes, we lose keys, forget combinations and need the assistance of a locksmith to gain entry.

Other Residential Locksmith Services

  • Break-In Repair
  • Cylinders Change
  • Locks and Keys supply
  • Keys Made for Door Locks
  • Keys made for garage locks
  • High Security Lock Installation
  • High Security Lock Change
  • Cylinder Change
  • Gates Locks
  • Repair on any locks
  • Bike/Pad Locks

If you’d like to schedule any of these services, or just have questions, please give us a call 303-900-5978.

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